Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow White and Her Alternative Personality

When most people think of the fairy tale Snow White, they think of the picturesque Disney story with the cute animals and funny little dwarves. But in the music video for Rammstein's song, "Sonne", Snow White is portrayed as having a very vicious and unsettling personality. The similarities between the video and the story are some very obvious aspects: the dwarves working in the mine, the color scheme of Snow White's dress, the glass coffin, and the importance of apples.
 The story line is sort of cut shorter than the others, but the chain of events from the time Snow White resides at the dwarves house to her death are pretty much the same (living with the dwarves, the poisoning, the glass coffin on the rooftop, awakening). There are a lot of major differences though. Snow White in Rammestein's video is seen as a seductress to the dwarves, someone who they seem to worship unconditionally. I say unconditionally because it seems as if she uses the dwarves as means to fuel her "drug" addiction and they seem to understand its a bad thing, but don't do anything about it. This also made me think of how in the stories, Snow White takes the dwarves for granted and didn't listen to their warnings when the evil stepmother came around to hurt her. Another difference would be the way that Snow White dies. In the video, she is shown to have overdosed by shooting up gold like a drug while in the books, it is said to have been a poisoned apple or comb that kills her. Thinking about the drug being gold however makes me think of how gold is seen as an expensive, shiny, pretty thing. Snow White in the other stories falls for the old witches trick with pretty objects and pretty words. Rammestein's Snow White could have fallen for the pretty substance and how it made her feel. A sizable difference would be how large Snow White seems compared to the dwarves in the video. This could possibly show how she controls the dwarves and how they do 

anything for her. At the end of the video, Snow White is woken up by an apple falling onto her crystal coffin instead of from "true loves first kiss". I find this pretty ironic because the apple is what killed her in the Disney version of Snow White but in the video, its what saves her from eternal sleep. As for my personal preference, I like the Disney version the best. It could be from being brought up watching it but I always loved how naive and sweet the movie showed her as. 

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