Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wondrous Wonderland

Why did I choose this class? Actually, I didn't right away. I was in a different SIS. But when I heard about this one, I thought about how cool it would to be able to reconnect with all the stories that I had read growing up. I was the bookworm of the family, so I had all kinds of different books with many different versions of the same stories. Fairy tales could go anywhere that the mind pleases and it's always so interesting to see where the storyteller gets his ideas from and how it comes to life. 

From the class, I guess I just wanted to learn more about the process of bringing fairy tales together to make a tale that lasts for years. I know Disney brought them somewhat to reality with animation, but how did those stories come to mind in the first place? I also wanted to hopefully read and learn about the different variations of fairy tales from different countries. It's always interesting to see something from another persons point of view. It would be even more interesting seeing something that you knew and took for granted in a completely different way!

My favorite fairytale? Automatically, The Lion King pops up in my mind from the countless times that I've watched it when I was little, holding a stuffed lion over my head. But actually, my favorite fairy tale would be Alice in Wonderland. Alice is just a girl who seems to think of everything in a logical manner, never really doing anything that seems to be out of the ordinary. But she questions everything, and I just love that. Why shouldn't you question things sometimes? And her curiosity just makes her even more inquisitive and she becomes courageous to find out all the answers.  Alice is also just an adorable girl who is prim and perfect but wants to have a life full of adventure and all things odd. Another reason why I consider Alice in Wonderland to be my favorite is the ending, of Alice waking up from a dream. If people in reality had dreams like that, I would be asleep all the time. The imagination is a powerful thing, and her imagination created a wondrous world of talking rabbits, size-changing cakes & drinks, a crazy queen and a cat that disappears as it pleases! You can do anything with your imagination and that's what really fascinates me with Wonderland. 

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